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:bulletwhite: Hello! I'm Zules. I am a Christian, and I am pretty shy but friendly, so don't hesitate to send me a message! I love deviantART and drawing digitally as a hobby. INFJ.

All you really have to know about me, though, is that I tried to write a 20,000 word novel and accidentally made it 369,000 words...

----------- L i k e s -----------

:bulletgreen: HOMESTUCK- Patiently awaiting the gigaupd8. Along with grogert331 I created the Zules Title Test.

:bulletred: STAR TREK- I've seen every series and movie. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Even the animated series, yo. That takes dedication. I love old trek, nu!trek, and every trek in-between except maybe Enterprise because Phlox is the worst.

:bulletpink: MY LITTLE PONY- Cute little horses with colorful designs? Yessss. Rarity is best pony.

:bulletblue: OSU- osu! is an awesome music game for the PC. It's one of the only videogames I'm actually kind of good at.

:bulletyellow: WEBCOMICS- Sadly I'm only up to date on a few: Homestuck, Paradox Space, Twokinds, Slightly Damned, and Olympus Overdrive. I used to read a bunch of other ones, but I fell behind and haven't made a good effort to catch up yet. I also have my own webcomic called Exvulnerum, but updates are very irregular.

:bulletblack: ELEMENTS THE GAME- If you don't know about ETG, it is this really cool online card game, and I'm basically in love with it in every way. Spinnin' the oracle erry day. None of my friends play this anymore tho ;o;

:bulletorange: THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE- This is how I spend all my time. I've been studying seriously every single day since February 2013, and I'm really determined to become fluent! I still suck though awwww. あなたは日本人ですか!?バカ外人のめちゃくちゃな日本語を読みたいですか?チャンスです!!下にコメントをください ね(・∀・) あるいは英語で書きましょう!

:bulletpurple: ANIME- I've hardly watched any anime at all compared to most otakus, but here check out my anime list to see what I'm into!


I finished the novel I talked about in my last journal (felt great ^^), and I also met my goal for the Japanese challenge, so everything has been going great! Currently I'm taking a little vacation from hard work while I mentally prepare for my next project. I'll start work on it in a couple weeks and hope to announce it here a couple months afterward.

Yup, it's that big. =D

Well, that's all I can say for now! Hope you guys are doing well!
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So, as most of my older watchers know, every year I participate in a November writing challenge called National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.

This year, I'm going to attempt doing it early, in September, aka tomorrow, because I really want to get it out of the way so that I can focus on other projects. (Stay tuned for that, cuz it'll be fun.)

Actually, I want to completely finish my current novel. As in, write the final word of the final line of the final chapter and put a big ol' THE END on that sucker. Something I've never done before. I've written FOUR novels of 50,000 words or greater, but I haven't finished any of them. I just want to finish one, man.

So, this time I'm not going to give myself a word count goal... Instead, I plotted out how many scenes I have left to write: 29. I'll be trying for "1 scene a day" instead of "X words a day" like normal. Hopefully, this way I'll actually get all those scenes written and be at the end of the book at the end of the month.

I'm a little worried, though, because currently I am in the middle of a 3-month long personal Japanese challenge which doesn't end til the 17th, so that might interfere a bit. I'm really going to be pushing myself here. It ain't gonna be an easy month. Especially since my motivation to write is really low and I physically am a little bit ill. Ain't gonna be pretty.

Just writing this here so that you guys know what happened to me if I fall out of contact for a while. I might have to go on strict WP-only (Word Processor Only) mode to get this done.

In the event that I don't finish my novel by the end of the month, I'm going to continue writing until I do, so this might leak into October, but I'm gonna try my hardest to not let that happen.
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So, ALS is a subject close to my heart, as I too suffer from a similar (though thankfully not with such a frighteningly fast and grim prognosis) disease that affects motor neurons (called Spinal Muscular Atrophy if you're curious). ALS is honestly one of the most terrifying things that could ever happen to a person. I myself am confined to a wheelchair and require tremendous help every day just doing ordinary things, but I've had to live with that my entire life. I'm completely used to it. ALS, on the other hand, comes from out of nowhere and progresses so quickly that I can't imagine having to deal with it all of a sudden and all at once... It's a horrible, horrible thing that completely wrecks lives.

So, I've been waiting to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge myself. I might be a little late, but hey, I haven't been challenged by a legitimate challenger until today when you can say I was 'sorta' challenged by Nigahiga as I watched this video here:

With the whole "I challenge everybody who's watching" trick. Eh, why not?! I really want to participate too!! Here's my shot!

The basic rules are that you either
1) Dump a bucket of ice on yourself and donate $10 to the ALS Association I'm pretty sure you also have to record yourself doing it.
2) Skip the freezing water and just donate $100

I chose the second option and just processed my donation!

Let me use the same trick! I challenge everyone who reads this! You have 24 hours to comply or scary chain letter-like things will start happening to you! ;)

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Barnlocked 2 Dump by zurisu
Barnlocked 2 Dump
So this is the sequel to
Barnlocked Dump by zurisu Barnlocked 2013

I've been working on this one all month... it just might be the biggest/longest project I've ever finished (this is only about half of the work; the other half is text) with 50+ hours total taken (one of the IPs might have taken longer but I never timed those properly).

Like last time, the full adventure won't be uploaded because A) it contains copyrighted material (like backgrounds and props) that I would never feel comfortable with uploading publicly (if you look closely at this dump you can see where I cut stuff out lol) and B) it's filled with inside jokes and references that makes it basically inaccessible to people who don't know us

So of course like last year, this was for Rai's birthday :) So happy birthday!

Thanks Cloudy-Dreamscape for the breezie wings !

omg I'm never drawing ponies ever again I think this means that I've drawn Jewel Strike more than any of my other sonas combined. Weird. XD

Jewel Strike (me)
Toolkit Steelbucks grogert331
Ivory Slate lor1000
Solar Nexus PupcornFlavour



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